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Shady Grove Baptist Church is located at

712 Green River Road

Gaffney SC 29341

(864) 489-5157

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  1. Vernell:

    Congratulations to Ja’Mya on being named, “Little Miss Walking Doll!!” She is indeed beautiful and wears her crown elegantly, always with a winsome and charming smile!!!

    Congratulations to the new Deacons, who are “CALLED TO SERVE” God, by becoming witnesses, evangelizers, disciplers, soul winners, going out in all the world teaching and bringing lost souls to Christ!!!

    Congratulations on the Easter program which was performed in recitations and music!

    The Youth Choir Anniverary was filled with harmonious praises to the Lord! Congrats!

    Pastor and First Lady Byers were stunning in their matching apparel, as they celebrated their service to God and and the Shady Grove Baptist Church.

    Accolades to Brother Manning on maintaining an excellent website!! The picture of the church seen through the distant wooded scenery
    is exceptionally beautiful!

  2. Macedonia Baptist Church-Campobello SC:

    Macedonia Baptist Church
    Senior pastor, Elder Calvin Lee

    Greetings from the Macedonia Church Family,

    We are very much looking forward to your visit with us on the 2nd Sunday in December at 3:30 p.m. for our Sacrificial Offerings Program. The speaker will be your very own pastor, Rev. Lee Byers.