The pastor

The Rev. Lee Byers Jr. is a former member of Shady Grove Baptist Church who served as a Sunday school teacher and superintendent, trustee, and deacon. He served as pastor of Lewis Chapel Baptist Church in Glendale, SC, for 12 years before returning to Shady Grove.

Currently Rev. Byers serves as a member of the Executive Board of the Thickety Mountain Baptist Association, member of the Thickety Mountain Association Trustee Board, Vice President of the Association Ministerial Alliance, and an advisor to the Thickety Mountain Brotherhood Auxiliary.  He is also a very active member and participant in all activities of the Cherokee County “Giving Back” Organization and serves as coach of the Shady Grove Basketball Team at Best Body Fitness Center.

First Lady Byers serves as a member of the Shady Grove Deaconess, Trustee and Minister’s Wives Auxiliary, Gospel Choir, Senior Missionary Ministry,  a Youth Supervisor, an advisor to the Young Women’s Ministry (YWA),  and a member of the Thickety Mountain Ministers Wives Auxiliary,

Rev. and First Lady Byers have served the Shady Grove Church family for four years. She is the former Esther Montgomery of Gaffney and they have five adult children and nine  grandchildren.

Associate Ministers

The Rev. L.C. Knuckles

The Rev. Albert Gray

The Rev. Martha Crosby

The Rev. Al Phillips

The Rev. Schlonda Hawk